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AI-Driven Job Matching

Jobayan is a tech-driven job-hunting website that matches you with the best candidates.
Job Posting
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Submit as many job posts as you need
Automatic approval of job posts
Publish content easily
Match candidates to job posts
Applicant tracking per job post
Candidate Databank
FREE! Custom
View unlimited resumes
Shortlist any applicant
View names and general information
Save candidate directly to shortlist
See ALL candidate information fields, including contact details
Company Dashboard
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Easy-to-use Employer Dashboard
Search for candidates using filters
Edit company profile
Filter candidates per job post
Match shortlisted candidates to the best jobs
Customizable back-end settings
Adjust notification settings
Share notes about candidates with other hiring managers and decision makers
Mobile responsive application
Download candidate resumes
Public & Private Candidate Pools
FREE! Custom
View matched candidates from the public databank
Build your own Private Candidate Pool
See how candidates match to other jobs
Shortlist the best candidates
Bulk & Mass CV/Resume download
Social Media posting (Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Wechat, Line...)
FREE! Custom
Email support for Employers
Phone support for Employers (excluding holidays and weekends)
Jobayan Documentation
Dedicated account manager

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