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No need to pay tens of thousands of pesos for job posts. Jobayan offers you FREE job posts with flexible plans for additional features.

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Jobayan will pair you with the best applicants for your job posts. You can also track your applicants and download their resumes for future references.


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Smart Candidate Matching for Hiring Companies

Jobayan is a tech-driven job-hunting website that matches you with the best candidates.
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Get matches using our Job Matching AI and save them in your very own applicant database.

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Browse through our long list of qualified candidates and choose the best ones for your own database.

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Draft only the best candidates from multiple sources, such as the Applicant Database, our databank, or your very own. No other companies can view your shortlist.

Packed with Features for Hiring Managers

Patterned to highly active social feeds, jobayan is the only platform where you can actually see jobseeker posts. Here you can always find applicants ready to get hired.

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